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JobKeeper Update

Changes from 14 August 2020

In Brief

- Jobkeeper payment will be received by eligible employer for each eligible employee that were employed as at 1 July 2020 where previously this date was 1 March 2020

- You may have additional employees who qualify - check details for eligible employees

- 31 August is the payment extension date - check details for Key JobKeeper Dates

- there is new information available for long-term casual employees - check details

Act Now - Don't Miss Out

These extensions are not automatically granted, you must complete the steps required.

Act NOT don't miss out

This is complex legislation with short deadlines we recommend all decisions be made in conjunction with advice from your professional advisors or contact us to discuss

JobKeeper Extended

There are further changes, once legislated that will take effect from 28 September 2020, watch this space for updates or review the proposed details 

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